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Adam Wingard will arrange the battle Godzilla and king Kong

Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment announced the appointment of Adam Wingard for the post of Director of the monster blockbuster “Godzilla vs. king Kong”, which is now in development.

Well, it looks like the Wingard came to success. Man is not a newcomer in the movie, but still worked mainly with low-budget horror films like “I will end You!” and “Blair Witch: a New Chapter”, which is not something that enjoyed wild popularity among the fans, but the cost of their repulsed without problems. In addition, we have given Adam considerable hopes entrusted to it by the adaptation of the famous manga about Shinigami, apples and mass murder with a ballpoint pen, the benefit of the first teaser for “death note” was quite good.

However, now Wingard lays down a really big responsibility — a big budget, Bo-about-olshie the main characters. But on the other hand, you need a lot from the story of a great APE and a giant reptile with atomic breath? Just push them together and stand back.

Anyway, the writing team to battle monsters already selected. First, in 2019 we will see another solo picture “Godzilla: king of the monsters” (though judging by the title, not that it’s a solo album, and other kaiju there probably will be), and then in 2020 you can expect the Hollywood battle of the century — Godzilla vs. Kong.

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