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Actual measures of prevention of viral meningitis

Актуальные меры профилактики вирусного менингитаDoctors explained how and what to do to protect yourself from meningitis.

Meningitis usually develops on the background of viral infections in the form of certain complications. By itself, the meningitis doctors call an inflammatory process in the human brain, which can lead to more dire consequences.

Meningitis can overtake a man at any age, but children are more at risk of getting sick due to the fact that diseases such as chickenpox, measles and mumps are considered “childish”. That is, they primarily affects children, not adults. And these infectious diseases are the causative agents of inflammation in the brain tissue, although these are still herpes virus, enterovirus, cytomegalovirus, influenza and so on.

Among people at risk of Contracting meningitis, there are those who are previously injured his head and back. In such cases, virus meningitis clings much faster to the man. One should not lose sight of those who have a weakened immune system because of infections and viruses are easier to develop in unprotected immune cells of the body.

What to do so you don’t catch meningitis:

1. Observe the rules of personal hygiene. Wash hands and foods purchased from the open shelves and not only before meals and to their use. Not snacking on anything on the street, because bacteria can linger in the air and get into the intestine together with food.

2. Wear a respiratory mask during infectious diseases. Especially in cases when you have a long time to be in crowded places. But keep in mind that after 2-3 hours the mask becomes ineffective and is able to transmit malicious viruses, so it is time to change it.

3. Ventilate the room more often. Where ever you are, be sure to ventilate the room for 3-5 minutes every hour. In this way you will be able to destroy most of the infections floating in the air, and to protect themselves from seasonal diseases, including meningitis.

4. To strengthen the immune system. This is a mandatory requirement by all the people in the autumn-winter period. The immune system is not able to work, if it is not nourished with vitamins and other nutrients.

5. Not to postpone the treatment of SARS, acute respiratory infections, influenza and other viral diseases for later. Negligent attitude to their health can lead to serious consequences, one of which is meningitis.

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