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Actress Anna Khilkevich told that she almost became a victim of dark magic

Recently, the star of the TV series “Univer” Anna Khilkevich celebrated the first birthday of daughter ariadny. The actress still hides the girl’s face in the photos that they post to Instagram — it insisted husband of Anna Arthur.

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In an interview with the magazine “7 days” Lee confessed that after the birth of a daughter to them with her husband was not easy. Relations between spouses are so spoiled that they didn’t even speak. “We had a difficult period, he didn’t hear me, and I didn’t hear him. We’ve barely spoken,” said the actress.

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According to Anna, this time in their apartment began to happen strange things. First ill Ariadne is a girl constantly coughing, despite the fact that x-rays revealed no diseases. Soon Lee noticed that someone had stitched on a jacket baby hangers, and all toys began to appear other people.

“The apartment began to appear some other people’s children’s books with scary pictures, and in them between the pages dry leaves. Nanny said: “Burn them, and that is very scary.” Well, I knocked all that out. Then we moved into a new apartment, and there the strangeness continued. I will find some kind of baby handkerchief Velcro, men with boats. Ask: “Where is it?” Tatiana says: “I found in a child’s bag — the one with which we walk walk”” — shared star.

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Later, Anna discovered that someone had glued her underwear glue gun. The actress broke down and asked for help to a psychic.

“He made some assumptions, he says, sounds like a conspiracy to break up with her husband. It is something of black magic. Anyway, we went to Church, received communion themselves and the child received communion, I blessed the apartment and everything seems to be normal,” — said Lee.

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