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Actors who risked life for the role. Photo

Актеры, рискнувшие жизнью ради роли. ФотоThey try all the tricks to perform independently.

I think that acting in films is fun that get paid millions of dollars? Partly, you’re right. Modern films really require from the actors risk, because Directors are increasingly opting to use special effects. However, it was not always so. The most accomplished Hollywood stars it is really risked his life doing difficult and sometimes deadly tricks.

Актеры, рискнувшие жизнью ради роли. Фото

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Sylvester Stallone

The whole series of “rocky” was to Sylvester Stallone favorite child. The actor gave myself all without the rest and to the fourth clocked so much that they decided in their own skin to feel the real knockout. Blow hold trusted partner Stallone, much more prepared and physically developed Dolph Lundgren. And he gave Sylvester such a “plop” that on a week ended up in intensive care. Hardly has pumped out.

Актеры, рискнувшие жизнью ради роли. Фото

Kate Winslet

On the set of “Titanic” Kate was nearly drowned for real. Shooting underwater is a dangerous thing and an actress by accident clothing caught on part of the interior. Winslet held under water for two minutes, until the stunt not realized it.

Актеры, рискнувшие жизнью ради роли. Фото

Jason Statham

Statham is exactly as cool as it seems in the movies. For example, the shooting of the third part of “the Expendables,” he’s not coped with a heavy truck and flew with him into the water from the ramp. In a split second Jason sort out the situation, jumped out of the truck on the fly, and even pushed away from him — not delayed.

Актеры, рискнувшие жизнью ради роли. Фото

Tom Cruise

Don’t be surprised, but this sweet boy can give odds to any action hero. Tom cruise he often performs dangerous stunts, though still in the beginning of your career, this habit could cost him his life. During the filming of “Top gun” Cruz, was nearly drowned, entangled in the wet parachute.

Актеры, рискнувшие жизнью ради роли. Фото

Halle Berry

And fragile ladies like to take a chance. Halle berry insisted on self-fulfillment rather difficult trick in the film “emergency call”. Jump with landing on a concrete floor was so strong that the actress went to the intensive care unit directly from the set.

Актеры, рискнувшие жизнью ради роли. Фото

Jackie Chan

Old Jackie may have already a hundred times dead. From the very beginning of film career, the actor performed stunts himself — there was no money for stuntmen, and then just sucked. Injury the clever Chinese on the court simply did not find it. One of the most serious he got on the set of “Police story”: sliding on the ground on a metal post, Chan dislocated his pelvis and nearly broke his spine.

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