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Actor from “Strangers” responded negatively about the sequel

Judging by the reviews of the foreign press, the film “Strangers: Violent games” (“Strangers: Prey at Night”) by Johannes Roberts very few people liked. In 2008, the Thriller Bryan Bertino may not have brought anything new to the genre, but was filmed professionally, effectively frightened and intrigued hard. The second part blamed for everything – and for mediocre acting, and for the abundance of clichés, and a complete loss of the atmosphere of the first tape.

To sing the audience was joined by Kip weeks, who played at Bertino cold-blooded killer nicknamed “the Man in the Mask”. Here’s what the actor had to say to the editors of the portal Dread Central:

I had a long float, one of the producers. I told him: “You have destroyed art. You don’t have a clue about how to create a character from scratch. You got a piece of shit movie with “unexpected” Scarecrow and you don’t even realized were holding real gold”.

From Vicks had their own idea about how the film was supposed to be the second “Strangers”:

They could make a movie about themselves “strangers”: where they came from and why they started to kill. Instead, we were shown the story of a family of idiots and wasted the acting talents of Christina Hendricks. Fans wanted the depth of history, honesty – and they were given this shit.

Pretty sad if you all really that happened. The original is very good observe the genre canons and told really scary and intense story, so its creators have something to compare continuation. Anyway, “Cruel games” has reached our screens, and that means it’s time to go to the movies and make up their minds.

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