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Actor Benedict Cumberbatch first heard about the brutal robbery in Africa

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch (Benedict Cumberbatch) suffered out of a thirst for extreme entertainment. He said in an interview with 7days, as it turned out bound and locked in the trunk of a car. While all this was happening in the desert.


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Benedict described the incident that occurred with him while working in Africa: “blame my carelessness. Once it led to mortal danger. It happened in South Africa. We were shot there and somehow at the weekend with a fellow actor decided to get rest: to drive to the coast to dive and swim under water. In the desert, our car was stopped by armed bandits (turned out to be, this part of the road in control of a gang specializing in looting and hostage-taking). They took everything, they tied up and I was still stuck in the trunk of a car. I fought, screamed, begged for release. And at some point, already began to prepare for the inevitable, as it seemed, of death. But unexpectedly left us tied and left”.

“We miraculously survived. But my love for adrenaline-fuelled madness, then, only intensified. Adventure haunted. The next morning, for example, I went to dive and swim with special pleasure. SIP your morning coffee, cool sea water, cold beer — what we used to think only little joys, turns into a luxury, after I was on the verge of death,” — says the British actor.

Cumberbatch redefined the attitude towards life not only after the robbery, but after the child’s birth in 2015.

We will remind, future wife of Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie hunter starred together in the British drama “Burlesque fairytales” directed by Susan Luciani in 2009. However, love at first sight did not happen. Actors for a long time communicated with each other as colleagues and good friends, but their romance began only in 2014.

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