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Act fire called the world’s worst proposal of marriage

Поступок пожарного назвали худшим в мире предложением руки и сердцаHowever, the girl was delighted.

American Dennis Galvin (Galvin Dennis) made a proposal to his girlfriend until she ran her first marathon.

The video was filmed in new York. Nurse Caitlin Curran (Kaitlyn Curran) was on 26-th kilometer of the race, when her boyfriend-a firefighter jumped over the barrier for the spectators and landed in front of her on one knee and held out the box with the ring. At that time the young people met for four years. The girl began to cry, agreed to wear the ring, hugged the groom, and ran on.

However, as writes the newspaper The Mirror, netizens did not appreciate the romantic gesture of the fire. Twitter users accused the groom in that he distracted the girl from a distance, messed with her results and “stole the attention that should have been available only to her.” “And he didn’t even pick up the hanging on her belt jacket, which was not needed and prevented! I’d give him the ring back at the finish” – categorical wrote one of the users.

Other commentators noted that “this is the worst proposal of marriage”.

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