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According to scientists who have ahead of time may grow old heart

Ученые объяснили, у кого раньше времени может состариться сердцеIt became known, that provokes the premature aging of the heart and other internal organs.

In the UK scientists have conducted a number of studies which have determined, from which the heart of a man or woman ages earlier than the man himself. What surprise came to the researchers when they realized that about 30% of participants who were over 50 years old, had worn-out heart. The average age of the hearts of these people is different to 10 years from their real age.

All study participants filled out questionnaires with relevant questions about their lifestyle. And, as it turned out, those who have heart was older, I moved little during life, do not watch your diet, and cared little about health in General.

Scientists drew attention to the telling statistics of mortality from cardiovascular disease, which tended to reduce overall survival, and came to the conclusion that these people could live longer if I stuck to the basics of a healthy lifestyle and promptly treated underlying disease.

Who has a real chance to “wear out” the heart ahead of time:

– smokers;

fat people suffering from obesity;

– sedentary people;

those who consumed high in calories, saturated with cholesterol foods;

– alcohol-dependent or abuse alcohol people;

– suffering from lack of sleep;

is suppressed stress and negative emotions.

Based on all these data it can be concluded that to keep youth in your heart and everyone can, and this will need to turn your life upside the head and ensure that she was healthy and full. In simple words, a healthy lifestyle will allow a person to live a long and happy life, having a healthy heart and a sound mind.

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