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According to rumors, George Clooney wants to divorce Amal Alamuddin


For more than two months of tense passion, boiling around the divorce of brad pitt and Angelina Jolie. It seems that soon the world will be able to talk about another stellar break up George and Amal Clooney. According to rumors, the couple is in constant conflict. His reason sources believe that Amal wants to be a mother, and a staunch childfree Clooney totally against it.


In fact, the couple has tried to conceive a child, but Amal, which this year celebrated 38 years can not get pregnant. This situation is quite satisfied with Clooney, who, unlike his wife, does not want to resort to surrogacy or adoption.

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The conflict reached such a scale that of Cluny, in the past, a confirmed bachelor, seems ready to divorce. However, it stops a number of important factors. Main from them — an enormous fortune at $300 million, which the couple will have to divide, but also the character of Amal, which certainly will not miss a chance to discredit her husband in the eyes of the public.



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Sources report that the last time Clooney is in close contact with his best friend brad pitt, suffering a break with Jolie. Now pitt’s reputation under threat, and it certainly has at the box office of his paintings. For example, the new Robert Zemeckis film “Allies”, in which brad played the main role, failed at the box office, collecting a total of $50 million with a budget of $86 million. Now the actors support each other and make plans on how to rebuild their personal lives. So, it is likely that soon Hollywood will once again be replenished with eligible bachelors.

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Джордж Кллуни, Амаль Клуни и Джулия Робертс появились на красной дорожке в Каннах во второй день кинофестиваля

Блогеры были в восторге от образа Амаль

Некоторые посчитали, что Робертс флиртовала с Джорджем

Джулия была радостной, открытой и все время улыбалась

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