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Accomplished: created device controlled by the brain

Свершилось: созданы устройства, управляемые мозгомLeading scientists from the UK created a device that allows you to send various commands with the help of brain impulses.

In the age of modern technology, a person does almost nothing remains impossible.

Today, experts from Britain was created by the invention, allows users to read and send various commands brain impulses. The essence of this technology lies in the fact that data from the received brain activity of a person, to recognize them and transform it into electrical impulse which is sent to the host device. Station that receives these pulses and performs the necessary commands.

It is worth noting that the technology is still under development and yet is able to recognize only the simplest commands. As the device flawed, used in wider circles it is not. It is planned to introduce the technology to children’s toys and computer games.

It is also worth noting that the scientists said further work on the apparatus. Perhaps in the near future it will be used in everyday life. To date, the technology has the appearance of a conventional headset, and is very easily mounted on the human head.

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