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Accidents involving special-purpose vehicles: police of Kiev opened a case

ДТП с участием спецавтомобиля: полиция Киева возбудила дело Perform tasks police car Volkswagen down the boy who was riding a Bicycle.

Prospect Grigorenko in Kiev on Thursday evening blocked more than a hundred people, after an accident in which the child suffered.

According to witnesses, the boy was hit by an escort vehicle when he moved from the crosswalk on the bike.

However, on the page of police of Kiev on Facebook about 23:00, it was reported that an accident occurred involving a police vehicle.

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“The fact of the accident with a police vehicle, which injured twelve year old boy, initiated criminal proceedings. The child with physical injuries is hospitalized. The site works operational investigative group”, – stated in the message.

The police added that both police officers were in the car, in the presence of citizens and witnesses have passed the test of “Drager”: the device showed that the police did not consume alcohol.

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In addition, police officers take to the doctor-psychiatrist to take biological samples for study on the establishment of the state of intoxication.

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