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Accident involving military near Kiev: fresh details

ДТП с участием военного под Киевом: свежие подробностиAPU fighter, who arranged road accident with three victims near Kiev, was in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication.

It is reported on Facebook the main redactor portal Vlad Antonov.

Antonov said that the soldier on the Volga crashed into a concrete block, standing in the middle of the road, and flew to the brand, which was a team of local residents, with the result that they all died.

“Factors, have killed citizens, a few. 0. Alcohol. The military three ppm… 1. Concrete blocks, laid at a great distance from each other are years. Their ends are often no marked. With no lighting. 2. Low reliability of domestic cars. Even a collision at a speed of 50-60 km is often fatal. About belts silent. 3. Lack of equipment of hospitals and ambulance crews in the field. This is a separate issue. The rescue of the victims with severe road trauma not only requires faster delivery to a hospital, but full-scale resuscitation at the accident site, often on the pavement,” wrote Vlad Antonov.

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Note that when the concentration of alcohol in the blood in three ppm recorded severe impairment of motor skills, loss of consciousness, memory, there is a possibility of death. In the network there are new photos from the scene of the accident.

ДТП с участием военного под Киевом: свежие подробности

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