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Abuse of 10-year-old child near Kiev: new details

Надругательство над 10-летним ребенком под Киевом: новые подробностиThe mother of 10-year-old boy who was raped in the village of Ivankov near Kiev, it is absolutely not engaged and likes to drink.

This was told by neighbors of the victim student.

“Despite his diagnosis (child is mentally retarded. – Ed.) he understands everything, quite sociable and, I think, smart kid. But the mother, alas, not up to it. She has four children, two with her no longer live. The eldest left home at ten years. All the children have different fathers. The woman loves to drink. Most often she can be seen in our shop where she buys alcohol. Even now, nothing has changed. Just yesterday, it got caught again for the same lesson. Problem her children a little worried. The poor boy can only sympathize — the child no one to protect. Fiends felt it and began to mock,” said neighbor Mary.

When the police intervened, confident in their impunity teenagers panicked. Even removed the video with the bullying. And he did it the father of one of the Teens. However, the police were able to recover the video. Then to deny the guilt of it was useless. Two of the three juvenile delinquents in school. 16-year-old left school after the ninth grade.

“At first glance, they have a more or less normal family. Parents do not seem to drink, working. Children go to school. Two teenage half-brothers. Immediately after the incident, 16-year-old boy wanted to take to Turkey. Good that in time have interfered with a representative of the President for children’s rights Mykola Kuleba,” — said local resident Svetlana.

Both at school and in the local administration of education are extremely reluctant to comment on the incident.

“Teens, who is now under investigation, from normal families. Early conflict situations of their participation was not observed. The abused child learns in a different class, they even have classes on different floors. We did not know that they intersect somewhere,” — said the psychologist Ivankov school No.?1 Anna Yu.

According to her, after the incident, the teenagers in school, their parents also do not go on contact.

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