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Absolute TIN in the video Dying Fetus “Die With Integrity” (UNCENSORED 18+)

Mitch Massey (Mitch Massie) – remember this name, because the guy is a fucking genius schizo. Exactly Mitch single-handedly wrote the script, filmed and edited for a death metal band Dying Fetus is completely insane, ultra-violent, absolutely brilliant music video for the track “Die With Integrity”. This is a video we absolutely do NOT RECOMMEND you to watch the children, pregnant, overly sensitive or nervous to the audience. Seriously, we do not often post news clips, but only if they are really worth considering… or shes shocking, as is the creation.

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Generally on account of Mitch for the time being only a few shorts, but the devil take me, after “Die With Integrity” I’m just dying to see a feature film from this lunatic.

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