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Above the Martian surface noticed an unusual cloud

Над поверхностью Марса заметили необычное облако Atmospheric phenomenon observed over the planet for the second month.

A month and a half ago, September 13, Orbiter Mars Express, it was noticed the strange long cloud above the surface of the red planet. It is noteworthy that other clouds are not available.

The European space Agency could not explain the origin of clouds. It’s already the second month of hanging in one spot, not moving at all.

White elongated cloud formed over the mountain Arsiya, which was formerly a volcano. The hill rises to 20 km above the surface. Experts believe that the cloud is not 100% the result of activation of an extinct volcano. Perhaps a cloud formed water vapor as the result of suitable conditions.

Leeward volcanic slopes special reacts to the flow of the atmosphere. In the end, there is an effect called orographic clouds. This phenomenon, incidentally, can also be seen on the Ground.

The last photo of the clouds scientists have received 10 Oct. The length of the clouds was 1500 km. the following picture shows clearly the anomaly. A circle is the volcano with a diameter of 250 km, and the Cloud stretches to the left.

Experts have found that the length of the anomaly throughout the Martian day ranges. So, in the morning a cloud of longer than a night.

Над поверхностью Марса заметили необычное облако

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