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About these rulers of legends. Photo

Об этих правителях слагают легенды. ФотоActs of the most famous kings remain in history for centuries.

But, a description of the Board is invariably accompanied by rumors and legends. The most curious legends of the five well – known personalities in the following review.

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Об этих правителях слагают легенды. Фото

English king Richard I the Lionheart repeatedly sung in ballads and legends. Troubadours praised his courage and bravery. But his nickname the king received, not due to bravery, as it may seem, and cruelty. During the crusade the English king captured acre. He wanted to make the prisoner exchange with the Muslim leader Saladin, but the agreement for whatever reason, have not been achieved. Richard ordered the execution of all. At the hands of crusaders killed 2,700 people, among whom were women and children. Then Richard was called “Lionheart”. It is noteworthy that the Arabs dubbed him “Stone heart”.

When the peace Treaty with Saladin had already been signed, Richard ordered the execution of 2000 people just for the fact that the Muslim does not hurry with the implementation of all clauses of the contract. The king was cruel and ruthless, but he’s also easily influenced. For this ruler was named Richard “Yes and No”.

The Roman Emperor Commodus

Об этих правителях слагают легенды. Фото

The Roman Emperor Lucius Elia Aurelius Commodus is compared to Caligula. When he got the power, then gave herself up to pleasure and debauchery. Historians believe that Commodus lived in my fantasy world where his toys were people and control countries were the favorites. The Commodus had put faeces in the food, guests, or dressing up a doctor, dissected people alive.

But the most favorite pastime of Commodus was gladiatorial combat. He not only watched the progress of the action, but he took an active part in the fights. Was considered shameful free man to fight in the arena, but Commodus, compares himself with Hercules, it’s not particularly bothered, especially as he was a master sword.

Об этих правителях слагают легенды. Фото

Only Commodus spent 735 matches, of which, of course, emerged victorious. In fairness I should say that the opponents of the Governor have always been the most powerful gladiators. There are also wounded, and the disabled. But, after each victory, the public was to deify Commodus, shouting: “You’re the first you’re God, you’re a winner!”

The Norwegian king Harald Fairhair

Об этих правителях слагают легенды. Фото

Harald Fairhair – the first king of Norway. He became the founder of the dynasty of Harfager, which ruled the country for X-XIV centuries On the facts of the biography of Harald is known from the records of the skalds (Norse singers). Thus, in particular, there is present a detailed description of how the king got his nickname.

In an attempt to unite the lands Harald of Norway was to marry on the Guide from Hordaland. The king gave the promise that he would not cut their hair until they win her heart. The environment soon began to call the ruler, Harald the Shaggy. When Guide still became one of the wives of the king, and unification of Norway occurred, then, according to legend, Harald partially shorn hair, but he remained Harald Fairhair.

Russian Emperor Alexander I

Об этих правителях слагают легенды. Фото

The Russian Emperor Alexander I, the poet Pyotr Vyazemsky called the “Sphinx, unsolved to the grave.” The most common legend about the monarch connected with his sudden passing. Contemporaries remembered that Alexander I to the last years of his life talked about the fact that he wanted to abdicate and “to leave from the world”. So, when I learned of the sudden death of the Emperor of typhoid fever in 1825 in Taganrog, was born the legend of the elder Kuzmich. Supposedly Alexander I became a hermit in the Urals. Witnesses the death of Alexander I was a little, but they later claimed that the dead man was quite similar to the Emperor. And elder Kuzmich, who resembled the monarch and had the same handwriting, died in a cave on the banks of the SIM river in 1864.

Khan of the Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan

Об этих правителях слагают легенды. Фото

According to legend, renowned as a great conqueror, Genghis Khan felt that aging and power are not the same. Then he sent messengers to different parts of their lands in search of sages, who would reveal to him the elixir of youth. Many healers came to the Great Khan, claiming that they know the secret of eternal youth. Wanting to check, lie wise or not, Genghis Khan forced them to drink the prepared potion, and beheaded. Then the head was reattached. Khan believed that if the person is not revived, then the elixir is a fake.
This continued until, until one of the Chinese sages not said to Genghis Khan that “the immortality of the body does not exist, only the immortal deeds of the Affairs of the deceased.” The Khan sent of the sage.

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