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About these properties of antibiotics the doctors why-that are silent

Об этих свойствах антибиотиков врачи почему-то умалчиваютAntibiotics kill not only microbes but also the health of the person who takes them.

Antibiotics are among the most effective medicines that can fight even with a very dangerous bacteria and viruses. After taking antibiotics people recover faster, but he completely disrupted the microflora in the gut. The fact is that substances included in antimicrobial tablets, along with destroy pathogenic bacteria and intestinal. Accordingly, the patient is sharply reduced protective function of the body, because the vast majority of immune cells located in the intestine.

Self-medication with antibiotics is fraught with complications

People all rarely have to go to the doctors and taking medication in its sole discretion. For this, they use the councils of users of various Internet forums, on their own to the detriment of their own health.

Few know that the antibiotics though designed to treat serious infectious disease, but one drug may differ from another in their properties. In this case, antibiotics can be called at the same time useless and harmful, because the germs they eliminate will not be able to, but intestinal beneficial bacteria from them will die, from which a person will be is another issue, and maybe several.

Rules of antibiotics, which not everyone knows:

1. To prescribe antibiotic should the doctor.

2. Long-term use of antibiotics can lead to dependency, from which the bacteria cease to die.

3. Strict adherence to prescription regimens of antibiotics.

4. To renew, change or stop a course of antibiotics alone is impossible, for it requires the consent of the attending physician.

5. Be sure to keep the “history” of antibiotics, especially if the person is sick several times a year. These records will help the doctor to decide what drug to prescribe in this particular case.

Remember that self-medication often leads to severe complications and, in the case of dangerous infectious diseases – even death. So please first ask for help from doctors and follow their recommendations, taking antibiotics prescribed at the prescription.

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