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About these mysterious Islands legends. Photo

Об этих загадочных островах слагают легенды. ФотоIsland of secrets and mysteries.

In the old days, before people explored the whole Earth, on maps were often found terrain with strange names and unusual legends about them. Superstitious sailors could tell a lot about a remote island on which the traveler was waiting for either the beaches of the gold and silver, or the wild beasts from hell. About the unusual Islands to ghosts, left their mark in history, literature and mythology later in the review.

1. Island Of Demons

Об этих загадочных островах слагают легенды. Фото

Ancient maps of the XVI and XVII centuries, near the coast of Newfoundland there is a new geographic feature – the island of Demons. Its name he received from sailing near sailors, who through the fog I heard frightening cries and groans. It was believed that on the island live “animals and other horrible and disgusting creatures that came from hell, who fiercely howl”. He has also described his stay on the island of Demons a Frenchwoman Marguerite de La Rocque de Roberval. She had to live alone on the island for several years, shooting the wild creatures.

Об этих загадочных островах слагают легенды. Фото

However, a mysterious piece of land between England and Newfoundland were not found in subsequent centuries. Contemporaries believe that Demon island the sailors called one of those pieces of land in the North Atlantic, where the gannets live. Their cry is very loud during the breeding season, you can really take in the sounds of the demons.

2. Antilia and Catalases

Об этих загадочных островах слагают легенды. Фото

On the maps of the XV century West of the Iberian Peninsula by Spanish and Portuguese explorers began to portray the two large Islands of Antillia and Catalases. These lands, lost in the Atlantic, has long excited the imagination of local sailors. They could tell the story of how in the eighth century by seven priests and their followers-the Christians fled from the Muslims. On Antilia they founded seven towns, where he remained trapped there all travelers. In another version of the story, the sailors only saw Antilia in the distance. When you try to approach the land always disappeared.

Об этих загадочных островах слагают легенды. Фото

The kings of Spain and Portugal even in conflict for possession of Antilia when one day there was a rumor that the local beaches are studded with precious metals. Only at the end of the XV century, after numerous voyages, Antilia and Catalases disappeared from the maps. However, one of them gave the name to Antilles in the Caribbean sea.

Catalases got its name from the main daemon. Sailors believed that the area from under the water was a huge hand that was missing sailors and dragged them under the water. Sometimes killed whole ships.

3. Atlantis

Об этих загадочных островах слагают легенды. Фото

The mythical Atlantis was first mentioned in the works of Plato. Also this land is also referred to by Herodotus, Strabo and other Greeks. This is a large island, lying “West of the Pillars of Hercules” in the Atlantic ocean. It was believed that Atlantis was a separate developed country that disappeared during the great flood.

Об этих загадочных островах слагают легенды. Фото

Over the past century there have been many attempts to find Atlantis, which, according to some researchers, is originally an invention of Plato. Other name Atlantis Santorini (Fira), most of which was underwater after a volcanic eruption about 1500 BC This event was the cause of the decline of the whole Minoan civilization.

4. AAA

Об этих загадочных островах слагают легенды. Фото
Об этих загадочных островах слагают легенды. Фото

In Greek mythology AAA is a floating house of CIRCE, the Greek goddess of magic. She spent time on the island, given to her by her father, Helios, waiting for the arrival of sailors. CIRCE seduced them and then turned into pigs. There are several options where she could be a mythical island in the Caucasus region or in Italy.

5. Barelko

Об этих загадочных островах слагают легенды. Фото

Among indigenous Australians is a widespread legend about the island Baruku. This is the place where live the main deity and where to go the souls of the dead people.

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