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About the way of the future and the present

Об образе будущего и о настоящем



The situation in our city, both economically and socially not much different from what happens in the whole country. So in conversations between them during random encounters or away, raised exactly the same, which is an eternal questions: “what is around”; “how is it to understand”; “what are the causes of what is happening and what you can do.”


People have realized that will only get worse. What worsens? Yes everything — all of life. However, it seems that they are still not yet aware of the full seriousness of what is happening around. They think that if they manage to get a good job, then they will immediately be able to solve almost all their problems. Patients questions related to level of culture, education and medicine people though note, saying that they greatly concern them, but in first place they still put the question of income as a factor, only able to improve, in their opinion, their life.


To people is very difficult to convey in such cases, the idea that a further fall in the level of culture in all its aspects will inevitably lead to a drop in the General level of quality of products, goods and services, because the result of this process, I think, universally will decline the motivation of people to achieve goals that are associated with a certain level of quality. The capitalists, in the end, focusing mainly on the process of reducing costs, forgetting about the need to increase public and utility of the product. They will increasingly be concerned with pecuniary benefits, but not the commitment to creation. Speaking of workers, many of them who are now trying to do their job not only efficiently, but also creatively, forget one very important point completely missing them out of your sight — they are the people who got in the Soviet time education or who were lucky enough to catch glimpses of the educational system of that great Soviet era. In his creative and conscientious impulse, and by its desire to improve the product, they are already on our positions, on the position of building socialism, because Soviet Union was a socialist state and not in vain in the framework of the Soviet education of the people instilled in school as deep and versatile knowledge — because without that, without taking into account the great variety of factors of the world around us, the creative process is very limited. After all, loyalty to the ideas that formed the basis of a socialist society, which is the Soviet Union up to a certain time and allowed then to achieve unprecedented breakthroughs in almost all areas of human activity. But that time has passed. For thirty years we live under capitalism, which is encouraging creativity in words, but in reality it is a hindrance, because all starts with accessible and quality education system, education for all. But hardly anyone today in the world could boast.


That’s why today, when it comes to the apparent direct connection of the high salaries, good standard of living, lately in the head more and more often comes the question: what soon will be possible to buy these honest, hard-earned money? Indeed, over time, nothing beautiful, useful or durable simply does not remain. However, in the process of this decline, through marketing techniques, we will be persuaded to pay more money for less quality goods and services. Although it is impossible not to pay attention to the opposite trend that will not disappear — the marketing Department and the advertising Department are not omnipotent, but because such a situation is possible and the drop in the level of sales.

And that the capitalists understand? Example, when the hosts at spin productions, just leave the company and switch their activities to other areas, as for example, taking the finances and directing them to the authority for financial markets you can profit even more with less cost than to engage in the production of goods.


But again — this is a natural process, as regulated by the market. In the meantime, what? While the quality is steadily declining, and IT brings higher profits. Here’s the thing. It’s not just my personal opinion — it is, including the ones today, hackneyed, questions: quality of care, level of education, reliability of technology, and more — They increasingly master the last time the minds of not only my friends, but a growing part of society. And no wonder I for the first year, do not want to spend my money on what I offer for them in exchange, and it is increasingly and in larger and larger quantities, simply ugly, useless, questionable and very fragile.


People have already started to notice the complaints about the quality are increasing, but the mass awareness of this problem, all the same, I think, still far — so very disturbing events unfolding around us today, and therefore, in answer to the question “what to do”, people definitely will focus their attention on finding better jobs or finding part-time work in your free time. In General, I can say quite clearly that the image of the future people, yet not at all. They just live. One day — stretched for an indefinite time is the time required for repayment of the loan… But if we talk about the realities of that time and about credit/debt, that is increasingly becoming fair today phrase: “Loans: quench one or two takes”.


The cause of the poor, which creates problems in the field, for example, health or education, many people tend to see either in carelessness appointed to responsible posts of the people or their low level of competence, or, trite that, they say, “steal a lot”. While ignoring the main reason is economic. When the main for the head – how much he will receive. Solutions to these problems are often seen such as: to strengthen regulations, to plant thieves, to find qualified professionals and to raise their salaries, and then it will work. But where will the skilled professionals, who in some beautiful booths and for what purpose they will be nurtured — yet these details, few people take.

What should I do? — the main issue. And to answer it simply: “Survive”.


And here all this struggle for survival takes place against a backdrop of gradually and steadily rising utility bills. Briefly about them. Their value steadily increases twice a year: in winter and in summer that year. With all this, the level of salaries in real terms, only reduced (if there is a promotion, it is nominal and not essential). Our family recently got a receipt for payment of services for garbage collection. This month, according to her, we recalculated the payment of these services. This time we paid 17 rubles less! It only caused a sad smile: just like a discount store today. Because from school we are aware of one simple thing: “somewhere departed — somewhere arrived”. Such cases.


Finally, briefly outline some aspects of life

— Prices for utilities and communication services. They take in the area of 5000-6000 rubles (one bedroom apartment, seasonally adjusted);

— On the water. In the last few years, cases of excess chlorine in your tap water. Most often, in the extreme, chlorinated water is at nine o’clock in the evening. Having lived in this city all my adult life (25 years) I do not remember this, if earlier, and to “overdo” it was so rare and insignificant that I personally do not remember anything. Now it’s gray;

— Medical services. Personally, I also had in the past year twice keep track for several weeks in hospitals, first in our city, then in the regional cardiology center. In our city, at the beginning of hospitalization, I was assigned a list of drugs that I had to buy with my own money, so during my hospital stay I underwent all necessary procedures;

— Industry. About the situation in factories will not say. Know orders while there. The plants operate (the two major machine-building and instrument-making). Nothing to worry about, not for a while, but we watch the news in the local and national media;

— Employment. A remarkable history hiring a locksmith one of my friends. He said that, deprived of a highly skilled locksmith, which he paid 30-50t. rubles, and going to a better paying job, he was faced with the problem of employment match his level of skill and experience. Work for plumbers is a lot of it. But experienced people find very difficult, and people with no experience he offer more than 15-20t. rubles simply can not (they have low productivity and low quality, for obvious reasons — just because of zero experience). All these with no experience job seekers — young people twenty to twenty-five years. However, work over the initial 15-20t. They refuse. And not surprisingly, the utility bills alone amount to at least 5-6 thousand rubles, and in fact there are costs for food, transportation and much, much more.


In conclusion, I will say the following. Before we knew exactly where our engine is flying. Now, for the vast majority of us — this is unfortunately one of the many mysteries of the universe, which like many of her mysterious sisters, today covered with darkness. This means that it’s time to turn the spotlight to start to think, looking at us running towards the path. It is possible to illuminate only the light of knowledge. But knowledge alone was insufficient to the lives of most people improved. Necessary skills to apply this knowledge in order that they be able to clearly see the essence of the events taking place around us and clear to understand — whose heart really burns for us, and whose only pretend to care about people’s needs. We will help you to master these knowledge! However, to learn how to use them, clearly seeing as well-wishers and those who are just disguises itself under them, everyone can only by himself. And none of us that can not do, as no one can breathe for us. We, as Communists, can only give you the correct path to justice, but pass it we can only together.


Reading these lines, think about it: you can change your life! Yesterday, an employee, today it is not only the worker, but our friend. Join our ranks!



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