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About the “Turkish stream”, security and tie: Putin met with Tsipras

О "Турецком потоке", безопасности и галстуке: Путин встретился с Ципрасом

MOCKBA, 7 Dec — RIA Novosti. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras is in talks in Moscow discussed the relations of the two countries, issues of trade-economic cooperation as well as topical issues of international policy.
This is the first visit of the Greek Prime Minister in Russia after July, Athens has expelled two Russian diplomats and banned the entry of two more Russians, a Moscow said mirror measures.
Relations between Moscow and Athens
The leaders of both countries said that they managed to overcome the tensions.
“We have always supported the first steps of the independence of Greece, supported the Greek people and the Greek state. And will continue to do so regardless, now is a difficult period for Greek people or flourishes. The reason for this is historical in our relationships and spiritual closeness”, said the President of Russia.
However, he noted that Moscow still does not agree with grounds for the expulsion of diplomats.
(((((((((((“I can’t imagine that someone sane and in Greece and Russia may think that Russia is weaving some plot against Greece or some conspiracies. It’s just nonsense. If y security services have some questions to each other, which is also possible, for this there are many ways of resolving situations of this kind, without any theatrical gestures. I hope that this page is really turned upside down,” — said Putin.)))))))))))))
He added that Russia is not very much interfered with normal work(policy on the bench), build relationships, including in the economic sphere.
Prime Minister of Greece, co, for its part, also expressed hope that the issue with expulsion of diplomats resolved.
Greece does not change position
Greece as a member of EC and NATO believes that Russia is impossible without any security architecture, said, in turn Tsipras.
((((((((((((((“Any security architecture, the initiative for the solution of international problems would not include Russia. And it should be based on a sincere dialogue with it,” he said, stressing that constantly defends this position in all international European forums.)))))))))))))
In addition, the Prime Minister said that Athens does not change position against Russia under pressure from third countries and reminded that Greece was the only EU country that disagreed with the desire of all to expel the diplomats on “case Skrypalia”.
The President of Russia and Prime Minister of Greece also discussed energy projects concerning gas supplies to southern Europe.
So, Putin noted that Russia is ready to consider possibility of connection of Greece to the project “Turkish stream.”
According to him, is almost built a pipeline from Greece to Italy, but the gas there yet.
In addition, he added, the Russian gas can go by pipeline TAP, created as part of the project “southern gas corridor”, which will supply Europe with gas from the Caspian sea.
Tsipras, in turn, expressed confidence that the connection of Greece to the projects for the supply of Russian gas through the southern route will increase ee’s role in regional energy hub.
What Tsipras promised
The Greek Prime Minister, known for dislike ties, was at a press conference in the white shirt unbuttoned collar c. Greek journalists asked why he had not fulfilled the promise to wear a tie, if his party wins the parliamentary elections and the problem of the huge Greek debt will be solved.
Tsipras responded that they already have fulfilled this promise, as it won the argument on debt.
“Ho is very quickly removed it, as it is like a noose around the neck of the Greek people. This symbol,” he said.
Putin took his words c a smile, but to remove the tie did not. Politics along left c press conference.

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