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About the sports of children’s domestic games, now released a whole encyclopedia!

О спортивных детских дворовых играх теперь выпущена целая Энциклопедия!


Here are a few dozen years ago there were no gadgets, TVs, computers and other wonders of modern civilization. But, fortunately, had plenty of mobile games, ranging from the simplest of prevalac – shooters, to complex, sometimes lasting several days, involving dozens of kids. For example, the most common mass mobile games was Soccer, Hide and seek, cops and robbers, Twelve sticks, Rounders, Pie rounders, shtander, Finch, various Knives and the Rope yurta. In each of these games was between five and several dozen children.

Unexpected, incredible public interest in informed by any reason is not published post-war children’s domestic games, I learned after, among other things, about them published on the Internet:

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“Colorful memories”

and then in Hydepark from tens of thousands of readers on this topic, I got a lot of emotional opinions and original information that you can now read Your request in Google or Yandex .

I told my granddaughter Nona Gaprindashvili, which is very surprising for me on these and other materials wrote the lyrics to “encyclopedia of forgotten yard children’s games”

In this Encyclopedia, kindly published by the Moscow publishing house BUKI VEDI in hard glossy cover format 210×297

in a popular form available for the sports of children, and warm memories of the elderly, sistematizarea described and richly illustrated miraculously preserved photographs and drawings of more than 60 yards of post-war children’s games with many hundreds of their modifications.

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The authors of the Encyclopedia were born and live in St. Petersburg, and in no way are professionals of children’s games:

Nona Gaprindashvili graduated from the Polytechnic University

[email protected]

Peter Novis candidate of technical Sciences, specialist in the field of electronics.

[email protected]

The first 500 copies of the Encyclopedia are already in St. Petersburg.

For any questions, call or write None:
– 8-931-987-84-97
[email protected]

© 2019, All rights reserved.

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