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About small pearls and liquid soup

О мелком жемчуге и жидком супе

Media: the Head of the Ministry of sports of Russia Oleg Matytsin said that Golf should be accessible for all Russians.

One night the Minister of sports Oleg Matytsin saw in a dream the French Queen Marie Antoinette. The Queen appeared before him as was after the execution by the guillotine – severed head. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“If the peasants don’t have bread,’ said the severed head, ‘ let them eat brioche!” From the horror of the battered Minister was almost awake, but was successfully rolled over.

Bah! – instead of executed Queen before him – Valentina Matviyenko, the speaker of the Federation Council. “The students here Matviyenko stared Matytsina straight in the eye, – it is necessary to abandon the dorms and to buy affordable apartments. Let this 50 square meters, but for a start – not bad!”

“Chur me” – the Minister winced mentally at the same time crossing themselves and spitting three times over your shoulder. The vision disappeared in the darkness.

From behind to matytsina flew the words: “do Not dare to complain to me on the tube! Personally, I fly a helicopter. You also need to buy helicopters instead of cars – roads are not needed!” Is Boris Gromov, looking back, guessed the Minister. The former Governor of the Moscow region.

And then Matytsin could not resist and still looked as though he was creepy. Lo and behold – and this is not Gromov at all, and he himself, Oleg Matytsin. “If the decision were up to me, I would introduce Sambo, dancing and chess in the program of physical education lessons in the school,” earnestly advised a phantom.

“Wake me up!” – cried the Minister, in the hope that this vision will disappear, but there it was.

“Golf is a unique sport,’ continued the night visitor. Wrong to understand it as a sport for the rich. It is available and should be available to the residents of our country.”

Then the Minister and woke up in a cold sweat. Got under his skin with this affordable Golf. What is not so? Normal Golf-club for playing take a few thousand. Well, maybe another clothes to spend with the special shoes. And on the stick.

The Russians have that extra desyatochku in the pocket no?

Yes, well, cheating I suppose…


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