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About Primorsky region: people here don’t need

О Приморском крае: здесь люди не нужны


I would like to start with the economic situation and when wondering what to take as a starting point for comparison… then I remember what this edge is valid in 1985 and looking at today, driving on the edge, looking at the deserted towns and villages anxiety is somewhere in there. Clearly raises one question: if the edge regressed so rapidly and continues to regress, then what will remain for our children?
I myself with Kavalerovsky district, I must say that it was one of the wealthiest industrial centers of the Far East, the main enterprise was Khrustal’nens mining plant.
The plant was developed eight mines: “Central” (POS Ore), Crystal (town of Crystal), closed in the 1970-ies, “Silinskiy”, “Vysokaya Gora” (POS Vysokogorsk), “Anniversary”, “Arsenyev”, “taiga”, “Youth” (Krasnoarmeisky district) . After the destruction of the plant, LLC “Stanum” developed field “spark”. The plant had four processing plants, were the exploration party. On Khrustal’nens GOK for the first time in the country applied new technologies for extraction and dressing of tin, often these technologies were developed for the GFCS.
In the 90s the wealth of company was closed because of the very lack of competitiveness in this very free market, the invisible hand of the market — his mother. Khrustal’nens mine collapsed because the cost of tin accounted for only 3.5 thousand dollars per ton. Today the cost of a ton of tin on the world market — 25 thousand dollars. And of course today launching “Chinese investors” at the facility (the product of primary processing of ore, the residue in the form of massive deposits of sand containing precious metals) and creating 300 jobs they are trumpeting triumphant about the widespread revival of the mining industry, which is funny, because it worked tens of thousands of factory workers, mining professionals, thousands of pieces of equipment etc … as Kids we often went for a 4 km from the village to mine watching this boiling, heating the hive, where has key life, driving a KAMAZ, Tatra, loaders, on a monorail trolleys over the hills, into the car overcoming tens of kilometers transported ore to the factory.
Now it is a ruins in the truest sense of the word, or remained only the concrete skeletons of certain buildings, most buildings dismantled brick by brick and sold, like so much metal …but everything.



Needless to say that with the change in the price of tin, which would be a profit at the moment, brought the company even taking into account the existence in the conditions of market economy, but the desire to obtain maximum profit in a very short time and hunger left without work because of the market economy, because capitalism has done its job.
In the same way throughout all those prosperous Soviet forestry, is now replaced by a Chinese, the Chinese are common among local residents on the grounds of inability to find work, in conditions of forced survival in the face of labour migrants from the near and far abroad are developing radical nationalist sentiments. Also repeatedly in conversations I was informed that the Chinese representatives are suppliers of all kinds of new synthetic drugs like “speed”, etc., the population of peripheral earlier in the Soviet Union prosperous territories without work and normal life is noticeably degraded.
I’m trying to give you the eye, something everyone who read it realized in himself the pain that carries in itself each bearing in his memory the life and the energy invested in manufacturing data across the country our fathers and grandfathers,… pathetic? There’s no pathos — that’s life.
And here’s an example of one company can be seen to understand the fate of hundreds of thousands of businesses completely dead, frozen in time and waiting for their “modernization”, the very caring hands of private owners, who are floating on a yacht, surrounded by prostitutes is about Deripaska stopped in 2013 (Yaroslavl GOK), spat that from such enterprises depends the fate of millions of citizens.
Today in dire financial Straits many of the largest enterprises of far Eastern Federal district. Declared bankrupt leading the defense of the Far East plant “Radiopribor”. Only in DFO metallurgical plant “Amurmetal” is in bankruptcy since October 2013 a number of enterprises of mining industrial complex for many years can not get out of the dive, and was for two decades a measure of the success of the far Eastern shipping company and PRISCO today plunged into a serious crisis. Powerful “fist” of the far Eastern shipbuilding is still only gathering strength, while two-thirds of all revenue accounts for military products, and wear plants is 70%. Depreciation of fixed assets at one of the largest plants of the region, JSC “Spasskcement” (enterprise Pushkareva, sitting currently in jail), exceeds 50%, while overall in the cement industry it is 32%.
And we are talking not only about the plight of individual enterprises. According Primorskstat in the region for the second year continues the decline in industrial production as a whole. In January — November, 2016 the index of industrial production in comparison with the same period of 2015 was 92.9%. Overall in 2015 compared to 2014, this figure was, however, worse is 87.7%. The decline is observed, which is typical for all areas of industry: mining (90,6%), production and distribution of electricity, water and gas (90.7 per cent), manufacturing (94%).
Let’s go through the infrastructure, it should be noted that in Vladivostok, was built the largest cable-stayed bridge in the world. It was opened on 1 August 2012, the Bridge was built for the APEC summit, which was held in September 2012 and connects the mainland part of Vladivostok with island Russian through the Eastern Bosphorus Strait, was built the bypass highway of Sedanka — a Russian island, FEFU campus on Russian, new Aero terminals and new road to the entertainment centre, Tigre de Cristal …. isn’t “decent”, as opposed to possible industrial development and the wellbeing of the population of Primorye territory, which could be with proper management, but the big “but“, what in the region.
In the village of Osinovka collapsed bridge along with going on it with a Peterbilt. Heavy truck, falling, crushed the car. The regional traffic police reported at least one of the victims.
In Primorye collapsed part of the bridge near the village of Janovka. (
The bridge over the river Kiparisovo in Primorye collapsed along with going on it with a truck. The car fell into the water. It is reported that the bridge was not repaired for over 20 years. (
In the Ussuri urban district experienced heavy torrential rains. According to the Governor of the Primorsky territory Andrei Tarasenko in rural areas “12 bridges completely washed away” ( and this is just a small list of the news lately, in fact wherever you went, everywhere you’ll see a ruined, built in the Soviet Union bridges. There are dozens, if to remember about the roadway, it is reminiscent of a wolf catching eggs in the old Soviet game “electronica” when the game is put on the maximum difficulty and it was given into the hands of a toddler, it can be described as “successes” in the repair and maintenance of roads of the Primorsky territory (and it’s not just about the road), simply put as, with rare exception, appalling.
How looks like social services and there is nothing in here that would be allocated to Primorsky Krai of success in the development of education and health. Namely, their number increases only in large cities is detrimental in terms of urbanization, is the most widespread “optimization” on the periphery, as residents of the village of Lazo for what would a baby need to drive more than 200 km partly unpaved road to the town of Nakhodka, and that’s when it was a developing town town with highly developed fish processing industry , successfully almost finished off thereby sliding in the governors Kozhemyako and such settlements, now, with the inability to timely obtain medical care in Primorsky Krai more than a dozen.
As for the demographics of the Primorsky region, over the first half of the year 2018 the resident population of Primorsky Krai has decreased by 5.4 thousand persons, and on 1 July 2018 amounted to 1907,6 thousand. Downsizing occurred both through natural attrition – 63.8%, and due to emigration of the population is 36.2%.

Simply, the population does not see prospects for development and leaves the region. Vladivostok is still similar to civilization. I often say, look how many cars in the yard) (forgetting that it is often taken in the bonded loan ), but the farther from it the worse, narrow-minded eye can see and especially in comparison with the Soviet period, the authorities do not care deeply for people, and growing social stratification. Between those who fit into the market and who are in it for different reasons and primarily territorial, couldn’t fit in, simply put — God forbid you be born in some deserted town, growing up you will face deteriorating education (teachers who are out will want to live in a hole in the world), so you have to go to Vladivostok or Khabarovsk, try with the incomplete knowledge to enter higher educational establishment, then you face a lack of housing, and accordingly the credit of Kabbalah (and other debts), with the inability to have a child in his youth because of constant financial problems, etc. So that the beloved market/capitalism at this stage puts people in humiliating, not competitive, so promoted by the liberals terms, condemning people to a constant struggle for its existence, because life is difficult to call. Moreover, you can add that prior to this period it is necessary to survive, because children are left to themselves, in many villages there, as before children’s groups in the homes of the pioneers, no free sports DOSAAF schools with a variety of sports clubs and Hello street, getting under the bad influence of the bad companies, and still for the most part on the periphery in the absence of a developed ideology is the ideology of the concepts of “the Prisoner’s life is one”, there’s alcohol, there’s drugs and all the risks not to survive until a certain age.
Working in the city of Vladivostok periodically, when one building is finished and the other still did not constantly faced with a huge problem to find a decent-paid job, 40 years of age, already felt the age limit for admission to work, save previously acquired skills and experience jobs throughout the construction industry are given to the teams of builders from abroad, in this situation, immediately face the problem of payment of housing, inability to pay for two children the sports section, lowering the quality of the food, simply put lack of money, for a temporary part time job in a taxi it is impossible to compensate for all the necessary expenses, when talking about the taxi business, by entering the market of large taxi aggregators like GET , Yahoo, etc. the taxi market is just torn down, aggregators successfully compete with each other only at the expense of the hard done by dumping, throwing off the poverty of the family of taxi drivers, including Vladivostok huge competition, created due to the massive importation of labor from China, Korea and neighboring countries workforce that the same construction is exploited mercilessly where compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation here has long been forgotten by the local exploiters and the class consciousness of labour emigrants, and the conduct of strikes, and the question constantly hunted status, ignorance and submission. In fact, the slavery that’s all related to this work factors of course in these circumstances the survival of the local production builders, who periodically try to remember and to remind the slave owners about labour law is not possible, they can throw off work at any time without conversation, a rare exception, when the capitalist encounters lawyering work , often alone, protecting their interests.

Not a happy picture, right? Moreover, when I think that all of this constantly worsening situation with heavy load will get your younger children, recall 1917 and strenuously to seek like-minded people, because you yourself are ready to die, and sorry for the children, it is inconceivable that they faced in the class struggle with the employing class — there’s no other way, we can either accept it and die slowly projected demographics or Wake up and fight with tooth grinding, in the hope to win and build a another country , flourishing and growing, and to do so without guidance to the application written by Marx, Lenin, Engels, Stalin is impossible, those who have read them and understand what is happening in the political situation, he will understand me, others advise strongly to read, without it we are doomed.

Success comrades!



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