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About pressing issues: parasitism

О насущных вопросах: тунеядство


As an introduction: a bit recall “bloody Communists” and “repression”. Because this topic is constantly being discussed in the information sources. Those laws that they “imposed” society. About how the government exploited the “free personality” and forced to work, forced with published laws (parasitism) to work for the state and society.
4 may 1961 the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on the basis of article 12 of the Constitution adopted a decree “On strengthening the struggle with persons avoiding socially useful work and leading anti-social parasitic way of life”. Since 1960-ies in Soviet propaganda foreign term “parasitic way of life” was ousted by the Russian term “parasitism” (according to the explanatory dictionary – life at someone else’s expense, by the labor of others, parasitism, idleness). Persons who have not worked for four months in a year, subject to criminal responsibility from now on, every Soviet citizen was obliged to engage in socially useful work for the benefit of the state.

No work was allowed only Housewives with children – unmarried and childless women for parasitism attracted. The campaign against parasites, and the result was not given, although the criminal code has existed for 30 years, prior to the adoption in April 1991 of the law “On employment of population” to abolish criminal responsibility for parasitism and legalized unemployment.
Today’s Russia takes Soviet society from the words “picture” and distorts the meaning of “screwed” to today’s realities of bourgeois society. In the end we see lately in the news feed more often flashed the news:

In the state Duma proposed to oblige the Russians without an official place of work to pay the insurance contributions to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, social insurance Fund and mandatory medical insurance Fund.[1] 2. New tax regime for self-employed: Ministry of economic development held a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Finance and Federal tax service (FTS) on taxation of self-employed, said the head of the Ministry Maxim Oreshkin. The new tax regime, the parameters of which officials have not yet disclosed, may begin to act from mid-2019. Fine offers only for healthy people of working age who are not officially employed and do not receive a salary.[2] In addition, we have already seen: new VAT, retirement age, the increase in utility tariffs, as for nonpayment of taxes, the debtor can take his property or even evicted from the only housing expense payment. [3] And many others from the same “Opera”.

О насущных вопросах: тунеядство

It is also very clearly the media publishes, as the government is willing to help “socially responsible business” in the person of their representatives: Oleg Deripaska, Victor Vekselberg, Souleymane Kerimov and Igor Rotenberg, etc. which are innumerable. Help of course, from the budget of the country, which means: with you of our pockets from taxes collected by the state. By minimizing costs (social guarantees) of which the state is increasingly trying to distance itself with increasing profits (taxes and fees).
Though of course, in the Constitution of the Russian Federation says that every citizen HAS the RIGHT, “this and that” and that have no limits. But a people under oppression and exploitation of capital, can afford that? Where almost vanished access the free benefits of society: medicine, education, housing, retirement and pension. But only one act works for the majority of us all: Pay for everything!

Property division in Russia is gradually becoming catastrophic. That is why the bourgeois class, who have seized power in our country, instructs its officials led by the President of the Russian Federation constantly to “disinformation” and “disrupting” companies using available information resources. Where are they more often on TV to tell us: how to survive on 3.5 Tr, and that, in principle, this is normal and that “state, you should not do”, and if the prices seem great, YOU earn little. It’s time to forget about the past and rapidly enter in true reality, where everyone is “stuck” to the budget can become rich and successful, that is, the super-rich “salt of the earth” and “poverty from zamkadya”.
When everything apart from class positions, the picture is crystal clear and clear: the State as mechanism in the hands of the ruling class (capitalists) used their advantage. Write the corresponding laws for the “sacred right” of private ownership of the means of production and exploitation of wage labor. Encourage demonstration of various officials for subservience and initiative, and help the oligarchs-capitalists – to take the last worker. Introduce new ideas where you decide to “sternly” NOT to punish the official-embezzler, “responsible business” for non-payment of salaries and Affairs of the company.[4]

This news no end in capitalist Russia, all the above should not be something new, and is included in the routine. Because of the criticism of the current situation — move on to solutions.
To solve this task is not easy, but possible!

It is necessary to eliminate parasites – owners of the means of production, to dismiss their class by giving them the power of factories, Newspapers and ships, where WE work — the real creators of wealth. It is necessary to explain to every employee what his personal problems are directly connected with the problems of the majority of the population! There will be no “American dream”, the clamp operation will shrink the neck of the population, where debts are inherited — resulting in the scope of legislative consolidation of inequality. And do not be afraid of the “bright” future.
We offer to build your. Without parasites, retarding social progress for the sake of his position.

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