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About a minute he held my hand in his mouth

Он около минуты держал мою руку в пасти

Human curiosity is not to win, it is absolutely indisputable the fact, for what you have to be an idiot to the elbow thrust his arm into the tank with the Cuban crocodiles?
You would think that the instinct of self-preservation has to protect people from this? I’ve always thought so, but the reality is that every day people manage to join the ranks of the candidate for the Darwin award. Many later successfully receive it.

Он около минуты держал мою руку в пасти

A similar situation happened to the happy Swede, who loved parties and thrill.

The party was held in a private aquarium “Skansen”. The Swede got drunk and put his hand in the cage with a bunch of reptiles, one of which was a crocodile that had previously belonged to the Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Shatalov. The crocodile did not hesitate, grabbed the Swede’s hand, in a minute released it, and then spit you out, they say, take that, bro.
Hand are unable to save even the doctors.

When I was ten, I with his girlfriend pinned to a classmate, in which lived a small land turtle. Friend very interested in the way the absorption of turtle food, so she took it and with a piece of food stuck your finger into the mouth of a turtle, and she tried him out.

In General, there were a lot of tears, like blood. Girlfriend got as much from my classmates and from parents who do not understand, why push your fingers into the animal’s mouth.

On April 23 of this year, one girl resting at a rock festival and decided to stick your head in the tailpipe of the truck. Get her out of there took all the participants. 45 minutes, rescuers armed with chain saw, tried to rescue the poor from the trap. Everything went well. Caitlin saved and was nominated for an award…

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