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Abdominal pain: possible causes

Боли внизу живота: возможные причиныMoving abdominal pain.

Lower abdominal pain can occur due to a number of reasons.

Some of them are relatively harmless, others can pose a serious risk to your health. Here are some of them.

Appendicitis inflammation of the Appendix, vermiform Appendix, located in the large intestine. Symptoms include severe pain in the lower abdomen on the right side, vomiting and fever. If you experience these symptoms, call an ambulance immediately.

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Irritable bowel syndrome is a chronic disease of the digestive system that causes abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea and constipation. The causes of this disease are still unclear, but there are ways to reduce the appearance of symptoms is diet and avoiding stressful situations.

Ectopic pregnancy. Occurs when the embryo is fixed outside the uterus usually in the fallopian tube. Among the main symptoms – a sharp pain in the abdomen, colic (usually on one side), vaginal bleeding, nausea and dizziness. Ectopic pregnancy is deadly dangerous and requires immediate surgical intervention.

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Painful ovulation. During ovulation the Mature egg leaves the ovary and together with a small amount of blood. This can irritate the abdominal wall and cause pain. In this case, the pain is not dangerous and usually goes away within a few hours.

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