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ABC of happiness from We Happy Few (TRAILER)

Getting closer and closer to the release of amusing, judging from what we know about her, play We Happy Few. Dystopia in the spirit of “1984” and “brave new world” – it’s worth playing at least for the purpose of General education and acquaintance with the subject. A world where you have to be happy and puke butterflies (literally).

A new trailer dubbed “the ABC of happiness” shows us the various elements of gameplay, more playable characters – for example, Arthur, editor Department of Printing, Resume and Archives.

The action of the story develops in a fictional dystopian city Wellington wells, where it is forbidden to be sad: all citizens are required to take pills called Joy. Under the player is Arthur Hastings, a clerk, who works as an “editor” — the state censor in the spirit of the Ministry of Truth, obliged to cut the unhappy history of the Newspapers and documents. Meeting among the workers of the materials the article about his brother, the hero stops to take Joy. He soon discovers that the real world is very different from the illusion in which he used to exist.

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