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A young Russian woman paid for “fake” Burger in honor of Putin

Молодая россиянка поплатилась за «фейковый» бургер в честь ПутинаThe girl face dismissal.

Female employees of one of the restaurants in new York city face dismissal because of the filming of the story of Russian propaganda that the institution for the anniversary of Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly served “Putinburg”.

In the story an employee of the restaurant named Tamara announced that in honor of the 65th anniversary of Putin in the menu a Burger weighing 1952 grams (the whole connected with the year of birth of the Russian President).

The representative of the new York restaurant Lucy’s Cantina Royale Sean Ryan said that in fact the institution does not serve this dish.

“Our restaurant has never in any form did not celebrate the birthday of Vladimir Putin, we don’t serve “Putinburg,” said Ryan. He noticed that participated in the filming of Tamara Ilizarov “lie that takes training project”.

He also added that the school never worked an employee named Ted’brien, quoted by the Russian news Agency.

Ilizarov and her friend who made the comment about the unusual dish of Russian TASS, was suspended and may soon be fired from their jobs. Also it’s the lawyers.

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