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A young mother ISA Anokhin lost weight and lost the milk of nerves


32-year-old Svetlana Anokhina just a couple of months ago became a mother for the second time, the star gave birth to her son Elvis. However, immediately commenced work, as a young mother decided to open your own beauty salon AiLab and school AiLab School.

ISA son Elvis in your beauty salon

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But the opening of the salon wasn’t very easy. Because of the scandal with a former employee who is a makeup artist Veronica Kalachowki, Anokhin strongly was fidgety.

Fans of the ISA noted that she lost weight dramatically. Many thought that a young mother trying to get in shape after giving birth and started to exercise.

However, the reason for the sharp decrease of weight of steel nerves: “actually, I just don’t like is not “got into shape”, and “nervously shunula”. I’m uncomfortable at this weight. Although the weight may be normal, but my feeling state in General unimportant. I can’t play sports because I was a difficult birth, and my nervous weight loss — this is wrong,” said ISA in an interview


Anokhin also said that due to worries about AiLab School she at one point just lost my appetite, and then lost the milk.

“Now you feed the baby only in the evenings just to calm. For me it’s a big injury, but nothing can be done. The important thing is that now my son eats well and is gaining weight,” admitted Anokhin.

According to the businesswoman, if everything was positive, she’d still nursed Elvis: “In the hospital, I ate constantly, everything was fine with lactation, because the baby eat well The doctor praised me: “Cool, you’re doing great”. And so I went out into “the world”, and then it began… Actually, I am used to the working stress, but this was something out of the ordinary”.

ISA with her husband

By the way, the tuition ISA returned to everyone. She also said that in addition to the school where she has to make money.

We will remind, the conflict has resulted from disagreements ISA and Veronica. Kalashov insisted on a different room design. A little later, the husband of Kalachowki hit worked on the project chief designer Alexei gorodkova. The victim went to the police and the guards, in turn, to Anokhina, as she owns the room in which the fight took place.

ISA and Veronica

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