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A woman sued a huge amount from the company that “gave” her cancer

Женщина отсудила огромную сумму у компании, которая "подарила" ей ракBecause powders have formed women with ovarian cancer.

After eve Echeverii was diagnosed with ovarian cancer from using baby powder, Johnson&Johnson had to pay 417 million dollars.

This amount is the largest among the lawsuits, writes The Independent. Until now, the maximum amount was $ 110 million.

The court in California said that such a sentence is associated with the lack of information on the product. Johnson&Johnson needs to write on the product label about the possibility of development of cancer, which causes the content of talc.

According to the newspaper, similar lawsuits against Johnson&Johnson, there are about 4 thousand 800. The company must pay $ 300 million.

63-year-old Eva proved in court that cancer was caused by talcum powder, which was composed of powder. Woman cosmetic tool used for decades.

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