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A woman Senator from Brazil was supported by feminists outright outfit

Ana Paula da Silva

Those who believe that politics are boring, urgently it is necessary to look to the Brazilian Congress. Yesterday it was possible to observe that not every blog Instagram-the models you’ll see. New Senator 44-year-old Ana Paula da Silva chose a bright outfit for her first meeting where she took the oath.

The woman appeared in a tight red jumpsuit with a revealing neckline, and if the first da Silva covered his jacket, then at the crucial moment of pronouncing of the vows she took it off and bust Ana Paula naked as well as her willingness to serve the country.

By the way, the irony in these words there is no politician, indeed, has proved itself from the best side and seems to be loved by the people.

So, in the comments many have supported the Ana Paulo and her bold choice, and also stated that it is necessary to evaluate not closet policy, and her business. Previously, da Silva held a post of the mayor of the municipality of Bombinhas and during that time had twice become lucchina the head of administration in the state of Santa Catarina, which is affiliated teritorry, as well as among the three most effective mayors in the whole of Brazil. Users also noted that da Silva has paid special attention to education.

She ordered to build a school where teaching is conducted in two languages, and lessons are conducted in two shifts: morning and afternoon,

—wrote one of the users of the network.

But some netizens, of course, could not remain indifferent to such a spectacle, and still began to discuss the fashion choices of policy, and in the pursuit of witty comments too carried away incorrect comparisons.

So the users of the website Reddit are pretty evil joke on the name of the official account of Ana Paula in Instagram, which it sounds like deputadapaulinha (MP Paulina). Sexist-humor immediately offered an alternative version read:

I immediately read this as de paulinha puta da (roughly translated as “prostitute Paulina”. — Approx. ed.) — was written by one of anonymous on the forum.

Did not appreciate the outfit da Silva and local journalists broadcast from the Congress was live. The way the policy called “frivolous” and “vulgar”, and unacceptable for a politician. The emergence of a new Senator caused such a response and the split of opinion that the woman even had to publish an official explanation on the page.

I like to dress nicely, but don’t associate it with my work. I’m not going to change their way of life because now I am a Deputy,

— said da Silva.

The woman also posted a picture listing his career achievements, adding that those who discusses her appearance, without knowing it, we need to study this information.

The choice of this candid outfit, she explained the feminist goals is to remind everyone that women have freedom of choice concerning appearance and no one can blame her for that.

Recall that this week clothing has become a symbol for political statements. So, women Democrats from the US Congress came to a meeting in the white suits and dresses in protest against the policies of Donald trump.

Well, the appearance of women politicians is also not the first time becomes a topic of discussion. So, last summer everyone was impressed by the President of Croatia Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic.

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