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A witness filmed a strange flying object in the sky over Florida

Очевидец снял странный летающий объект в небе над Флоридой Video of a UFO was taken on the beach.

The author of this video Eric Kipker does not claim with absolute certainty that he was able to remove the alien ship, however, over the Gulf of Mexico that night stuck do something fantastic and inexplicable (see video), which does not like earthly aircraft Esoreiter.

And it is a miracle in that hour was observed by hundreds of eyewitnesses of the resort town of Panama city beach, Florida, no wonder that stuff about this soon became available leading UFO organizations in the United States. Here he writes about it himself Eric Kipker:

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“At that moment I was just admiring the sunset over the sea seemed a fantastic picture. And suddenly this picture someone added a little bit of science fiction, UFO, reminiscent of the appearance and behavior of the alien ship. Naturally I was shocked by this event, but managed to remove on video it is a unique heavenly view.”

Ufologists have confirmed the authenticity of the footage however they are confused, what is this apparatus hangs over the Gulf of Mexico, it is possible that he may be just a war toy, a drone or anything else – it is the earthly. But UFO is very similar to the apparatus of the aliens.

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So to exclude it from the list of extraterrestrial objects is not, need more data that experts in this field collect. Waiting for new posts about it…

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