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A well-known miner revealed the future of bitcoin

Известный майнер раскрыл будущее биткоинаThe total cryptocurrency market capitalization decreased to 104,805 billion.

A well-known miner, the Creator of the branch of bitcoin that Bitcoin supports SV Calvin Eyre stated that normal bitcoin will soon disappear as unnecessary.

“Technology and the economic model of bitcoin is alive, well and continues to work with Bitcoin SV, which will have a terrific year. I predict that (bitcoin price – ed.) will reach zero value, because it is useless”, – quotes its words Mycrypter.

According to him, the price of bitcoin continues to fall, and the bitcoin will cease to exist next year. We will note, on December 15, 2018 the exchange rate of bitcoin has set a new yearly low, down to the level of 3200.

The daily trading volume of the stock market rose to 12,030 billion. The dominance of bitcoin is around 55% as altcoins also continue to fall.

On Friday 14 December at 23:00, the exchange rate of bitcoin: BTC/USD was at the level 3 232 USD, price dropped to 70.

A little later, on December 17, bitcoin continued to stay in power of the bearish trend and be close to the annual minimum. The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is at the level 104,183 billion. Capitalization of bitcoin is 57,152 billion dollars, and its price is 3 to 310 dollars.

It became known that blockchain technology will be introduced into medicine. A Philippine company, Cool Kids, which deals with health issues, decided to use blockchain technology for working with data of patients. Cool Kids is going to use the Protocol Health Nexus, developed by SimplyVital Health.

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