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A well-known engineer, has publicly derided the theory of Elon musk

Известный инженер публично высмеял теорию Илона МаскаEmployee Alphabet did not like the theory about AI.

John Giannandrea, head of research at the AI in Alphabet, said that everything is happening now around artificial intelligence — hype, and hinted that recent high-profile statements by Elon musk about the dangers of AI “is not just unreasonable, but bordering on irresponsibility.”

Elon Musk has created a strong reputation as a Cassandra, regularly predicting the death of humanity is the fault of artificial intelligence. Tesla’s chief has sounded the alarm in his interviews and on Twitter, where he recently called a global race to create AI “most likely cause” of world war III.

Researchers from Google, Facebook and other AI-oriented companies consider this behavior quite annoying. Giannandrea, quite clearly expressed in the address of Elon musk. Managed, however, not to get personal.

“Around the AI recently divorced too much hype, said John Giannandrea at the conference TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. — All these phrases, like: “will Someone create superhuman intelligence, and we have to face ethical problems” — not just unreasonable, but bordering on irresponsibility.”

Giannandrea, claims that Google is investing in the safety and ethics of AI. However, he worried about how much now is inflate problems out of nothing. “I certainly don’t fear AI Apocalypse” — he said, comparing today’s computers with their counterparts four years ago. I just deny the panic that bred some people”.

Elon Musk has yet to respond to these words.

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