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A well-known automaker announced the innovations of the future

Известный автоконцерн сообщил о новинках будущегоWell-known supplier of cars has announced the creation of new models.

American designer Aaron Garang To have created the sketches of the future minivan Kia with an Autonomous driving system. Perhaps this will be the family minivan Kia in ten years or fifteen, reports the Chronicle.Info with reference to Autonews.

Every major automaker already has a few concepts that give an idea about how will look in their new models. For example, in 2015 Mercedes-Benz showed a concept F 015 Luxury in Motion. The Germans believe that these are the cars of the future.

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Aaron Jarang Co. have decided to submit future Kia vehicles. Actually, not all cars, but only the minivan. He created several sketches of such a machine. The design is futuristic, beautiful. The driver and passengers sit opposite each other. The salon is very spacious as the Kia Sedona, despite the fact that the minivan of the future is 60 cm shorter. Space in the cabin much due to the fact that there is no traditional instrument panel and steering wheel, as he managed to have a fully Autonomous driving system.

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Garang To made a few sketches of the supercar brand DS, owned by Citroen. It is assumed that DS is already developing such a model. It will have to compete with the German BMW i8.

Mercedes-Benz believes that cars in the style of the concept F 015 Luxury in Motion will be available around 2030. This means that in ten years on the roads.

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