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A weird hobby of modern kings. Photo

Странные хобби современных королей. ФотоThese rulers have a very unusual hobby.

Many of us think that leaders live in some special world that is nothing like the one that surrounds ordinary people. But the rulers also have their Hobbies that they spend their free time.

Tell stories that prove that kings and presidents in some ways no different from ordinary people, despite the burden of their duties. Read and admire with us.

The king of the Netherlands is running a pilot

Странные хобби современных королей. Фото

The current ruler of the Netherlands, king Willem-Alexander, for more than 20 years secretly working as a pilot, making sorties both on the small side, and the liner at least 2 times per month. The monarch stressed that a hobby, which is flying, a must-have for any person.

Queen of Denmark is an artist

Странные хобби современных королей. Фото

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, came to the throne at the age of 31 years, enjoys drawing. Its authorship belongs to a series of illustrations for the novel-epopee “the Lord of the rings”, designs for postage stamps, costumes and sets for many theatrical productions. Exhibitions of work are held of the Queen as she has at home and abroad.

Prince Charles develops organic farming

Странные хобби современных королей. Фото

Prince Charles is known for its reverent attitude to flora. In his estate he introduces the idea of organic farming, and sometimes holds the shares, calling for reasonably relate to the nature and take care of her. In an interview with the son of the Queen has admitted that talking to their plants, because this is very important, and they sometimes even respond.

The king of Norway loves sailing

Странные хобби современных королей. Фото

Passion of the Norwegian monarch Harald are yachts and sailing. His record includes participation in several Olympic games and world and European Championships. At the age of 68 years, the king after the heart surgery won with his team in European competition in Sweden. Probably the love for this sport was passed on to Harald from his father, who in 1928 became the Olympic champion.

The king of Jordan in films

Странные хобби современных королей. Фото

Ruler Abdullah II of Jordan played in the cult series “Star trek” in 1995 and also starred in other films, TV series, and TV shows. But some filming of the king’s love for cinema is not limited. Under his rule was established by the Royal society of cinematographers and the cinematographic Institute of the arts, and in 2016 for the first time in the history of film was nominated for “Oscar”.

The Prince of Monaco organized an expedition to the North pole

Странные хобби современных королей. Фото

The reigning Prince of Monaco albert II became the first monarch, who travelled to the North pole. He organized an expedition in 2006 to continue the work his grandfather started 100 years ago. Prince has visited the same places that his ancestor, making photos and comparing them with those that were taken a century ago, and proved that in the intervening period the glaciers retreated at 3-6 km.

The Pope released a rock album

Странные хобби современных королей. Фото

Pope Francis in 2015 released the album with 11 tracks, where, accompanied by rock music recorded biblical texts calls for the preservation of peace and sharing. And this is not the first act of the Pontiff from a number of non-standard. For example, he made a vow not to watch TV, but actively uses the Internet, with accounts not only on instagram but also on Twitter.

The President of Indonesia maintains a channel on YouTube

Странные хобби современных королей. Фото

The head of Indonesia Joko Widodo with leads 2015 YouTube, which publishes videos in both formal and informal in nature, and some of them become viral. The President also has accounts in social networks, with about 10 million subscribers. Probably network activity contributes to its high popularity, which is called “Jokowi effect”.

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