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A veteran of the ATO clearly explained, the Ukrainians are different from Russians

Ветеран АТО доступно объяснил, чем украинцы отличаются от россиянUkrainians reminded how they differ from Russians.

The majority of Ukrainians, unlike Russians, in his individualism is close to ordinary Europeans that do not need to be constantly aware of the greatness of their country.

This was stated by the ATO veteran, poet Hleb Babic.

“You take the Soviet or Russian jokes about Ukrainians. There lies all. Yes, they think we’re individualists,” business “. Well, it’s perverted understanding of mentality of Ukrainians. People who respect themselves as a person, respect his property, his family, and for that, roughly speaking, to tear, which do not climb in excess, that do not need awareness of their global values and threats for others. The network is here such a wealthy, slightly crazy European burghers in the future. it’s okay – said Babich live Browser.LIVE.

According to him, the Russians, on the contrary, the sense of pride is the fact that the rest of the world is afraid of the unpredictability of the masters of the Kremlin.

“Sit in Muhosranska knee-deep in shit with two bottles of vodka and cry about the greatness of their country – it’s ridiculous to everyone except those who have two bottles inside,” said the veteran of the ATO.

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