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A US resident fined for low speed

Жительницу США оштрафовали за низкую скоростьAmerican patrol fined the driver for low speed

This is a photo posted in a social network Stephen Willis, serving in the patrol police the state of Indiana.

The picture shows the beginning of the arrest of a driver stopped by Steven on I-65 is a busy highway connecting the Great lakes with the Gulf of Mexico.

The reason for the stop was… too low the speed of the vehicle moving in the left lane. Him had accumulated about twenty machines, but the woman was not going to rebuild right.

Patrol Willis took advantage of the law of the state of Indiana from 2015, popularly known as Slowpoke Law — “the law against tyagomotina”: “Driver blocking because of the low speed three cars or more, shall be reconstructed to the right, if necessary, up to the curb.”

According to Steven, in this case, it can be punished even those who move forward in full compliance with the established speed limit. Because of the so-called “accordion effect” the drivers of faster vehicles are forced to slow down, one after another, which ultimately can lead to accidents.

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