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A us official has called the conditions for lifting of sanctions with Russia

Американский чиновник назвал условия для снятия части санкций с РФ Said claims, under which the sanctions are lifted for poisoning Skrobala.

A senior employee of the State Department of the United States called requirements under which Russia could lift the sanctions in Skrobala.

The representative of the US state Department noted that according to the law “On sanctions of chemical and biological weapons” c Russia may lift the sanctions after 12 months and not to introduce new sanctions if it will fulfill a number of conditions.

The first condition, a state Department spokesman said, is that Russia will no longer use chemical or biological weapons against its own citizens or use it in violation of international law.

The second – Russia since the expiry of 12 months provide credible assurances that it will no longer participate in “such activities”.

Third – Russia will allow representatives of the UN or other international organizations to carry out inspections to make sure that Russia does not use chemical weapons against its citizens or against international law.

“If these criteria are met, they (representatives of the Russian authorities – ed.) don’t have to worry about a new round of sanctions,” – said the representative of the state Department.

The state Department reminded that the planned date of entry into force of the sanctions on 22 August, after the procedure of notification of the Congress.

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