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A twisted uncle.k.a. Crooked man a.k.a. The hunchback – what is he?

Since then, as it became known about the new spin-off of the horror hit , the Conjuring, and more precisely its sequel, “the conjuring 2”, my mind does not leave that weird, creepy and ugly creature – the Crooked Man (The Crooked Man). Translators, however, called this monster “the Hunchback”, but in General this character is known online also as Crooked uncle. And backstory this image is very rich, much richer than it might seem, if you know about him is from the movie James WAN.

Taken this folklore image from an old (1840!) English children’s song:

There was a crooked man,

And he walked a crooked mile,

He found a crooked sixpence

Against a crooked stile;

He bought a crooked cat,

Which caught a crooked mouse,

And they all lived together

In a little crooked house.

There are several ways to translate this song on Russian. Here’s one:

Crooked uncle once lived,

Crooked trail to walk he walked.

He found a little crooked money

From crooked – crooked old stairs.

Cat bought, a crooked cat was

From crooked mice one the cat got.

And they are all crooked in the house we lived,

As long as all of them around forgot.

We should also mention the “Crooked song,” Korney Chukovsky, who was inspired by the same song, but treated it very freely:

Once there lived a man,

Crooked legs,

And he walked a century

At the crooked path.

And for the crooked river

In a crooked little house

Lived in summer and winter

A crooked mouse.

And stood at the gate

Gnarled trees,

Walked there with no worries

Crouching wolves.

And they had one

Crooked cat

And she mewed.

Sitting at the window.

As for the crooked bridge

Twisted woman

Through the swamp barefoot

Jump like a toad.

And had a hand in it

Crooked stick,

And flew after her

Twisted jackdaw.

The source, incidentally, by itself, is not as simple as it seems. According to one version, the song ridiculed one of the English monarchs, which really was a hunchback. Such a “opposition” poem of its era.

The creators of “the conjuring 2” has presented the image of a Twisted way, what they helped a lot natural talent of the actor Javier Botet. However, James WAN, Xavier Botet and the company was not the first who portrayed this way. Crooked man is the main antagonist in the game The Wolf Among Us. Visually, the man is not quite like the creature from “the conjuring 2”:

Moreover, you will be surprised, but Crooked ALREADY filmed! He is called “the Crooked man” (The Crooked Man), shot in 2016 – and it’s a horror film, right television. Took it off fairly well-known indie Director Jesse Holland (“yellow brick Road” “We are”), and one of the roles played Dina Meyer, in the past she’s an aspiring actress, in filmography which is, for example, “starship troopers”, “johnny Mnemonic” and even “Saw”. In another role, by the way, you probably know the African-American actor Michael J. white, who could see in the “save the world”, “the Dark knight” and web series “Mortal Kombat: Legacy”.

Here’s the trailer of this movie:

Even the trailer shows that the movie turned out not so hot is good, BUT! Crooked looks, agree, very creepy.

Although, of course, not as creepy as “the Conjuring 2” and hopefully a future solo film.

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