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A tragic love story of Sonya-a Gold pen. Photo

Трагическая история любви Соньки-Золотой ручки. ФотоThe story of how a passion to hard labor, brought.

Her life was ruled by passion. When 17-year-old poor girl, Sonia eloped with a young Greek from the evil stepmother. Later married Odessa blyuvshteyn sharper, and when he was in prison, alone, she led a “family business” to feed their children. And to prison she went, too, because of the passion – took the blame young lover.

Sofya blyuvstein or Sonya-the Golden pen. Oh, how many stories and legends told about her nimble fingers. And more about the charm and charm, which is so deftly used a cheat. This girl had the brilliant ingenuity and talent. She easily gave her the robbery of a jewelry houses and wealthy bankers. Luck went hand in hand. The main asset of Sonya was the artistry and the ability to transform, trying on the lives and ways of other people. The audience adored her. Every Scam has become a sensation in society. The thief lived with passion and excitement. Another stroke of luck, the desire for profit and power kindled in her heart the real flame, turning passion into the meaning of life. But perhaps the main con of her life was the love for a young gambler named Kochubchik.

The fateful meeting

Трагическая история любви Соньки-Золотой ручки. Фото

Sonya-the Golden pen – the legend of the criminal world.

It was truly a fateful visit to Odessa. Sonya fell in love with this city and also, unexpectedly, got a strong burning feeling to the young, thin sharper. Not previously knowing such a strong feeling, Sonya was willing to do anything to keep the young lover. And he, in turn, taking advantage of this gift of fate, knew no limits, neither in money nor in revelry. Kochubchik lost a lot and constantly demanded more. Volodya saw the famous thief the opportunity to live in Grand style.

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Трагическая история любви Соньки-Золотой ручки. Фото

One of the few lifetime portraits of Sophia Blyuvshteyn.

The first time he even called Sonya’s mom, not lover, as we wanted the lady. Almost every night, Schuler took the stolen treasure and went to play cards. Sonya rushed after him, hoping to reason with a loved one. The kochubchik quickly tired of such custody, the thief he was irritated and provoked aggression. The gambler raised a hand to the girl and spared no bad words, expelled her from gambling houses. And she justified his behavior more punishment, believed that her love will be enough for two.

Трагическая история любви Соньки-Золотой ручки. Фото

Photo of Sophia Blyuvshteyn police archives

The girl was full of hope to melt the heart of tricksters, suffered all the humiliation and I gifted her lover with diamonds. But it was not enough. Living in this tension, Sonya was careless, had to take more risks. Gambler quickly tired herself Sonya, and dependence on it. He spent all her money and jewels, she did not need him. The thief left very poor, no money, no jewels. Yes, her tail and followed everywhere. She knew that the only way to go.

Трагическая история любви Соньки-Золотой ручки. Фото

Sonya-the Golden pen at hard labor.

The road to Sakhalin

But how to run? When the only meaning of her life will remain in this city. It is easier to die than not to see him. And she left, knowing that there is death. She was looking for the beloved everywhere, wandering around. But Volodya was so sick already poor, old aunt Sonya that he wanted to get rid of it in any way. Volodya without hesitation betrayed his patroness, so blindly indulge in the world of gambling and young ladies. Sonya was in the dock, and then was exiled to prison on the island of Sakhalin. And Volodya Kochubchik to seize the money of the thief, got on just fine, buying these funds themselves estate.

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Трагическая история любви Соньки-Золотой ручки. Фото

Sonya-the Golden pen at hard labor.

Jailbreak, Sonya tried to escape three times. And not to live in the wild or continue his glorious activities. The sole purpose of escaping was to see her beloved, to look even once the the Volodya Kochubchik in the eye. She had long forgave him and was willing to forgive all his antics and betrayal though the rest of my life. Not only was her freedom and life without her beloved gambler. A prison on an island was not to Sonya prison. Servitude was in her heart. Impossible to exist, and did not win the exceptional young lover.

Трагическая история любви Соньки-Золотой ручки. Фото

Inscriptions-the monument Sonya-the Golden pen.

The story of Sonya-a Gold pen full of mysteries, secrets and of course deception. Her whole life is a legend that the cheater created with his own hands. To this day many mysteries surrounding the life and death of the great deceiver. However, there is no doubt that the true face of Sonya, only saw Volodya Kochubchik. For him, the thief tore off all the masks, stomped on his pride, and laid it at his feet, his life and freedom.

Трагическая история любви Соньки-Золотой ручки. Фото

Marble sculpture of a woman without arms and head crook monument to the legendary Sonya Golden hand.

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