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A three week detox: minus 10 pounds

Трехнедельный детокс: минус 10 килограммNutritionists have suggested three weeks to lose at least 10 kg.

Spring has arrived, and that means that very soon will start the beach season, or rather, it left some 2-3 months and during this time, you need to have time to get in shape to anyone who winter allowed herself to lean on junk food and gained a couple extra pounds.

We all know that in winter the main part of the diet is meat, which perfectly nourishes, gives energy and strength, but at the same time detrimental to the health and figure, and all because we eat it mostly fried, smoked or baked, that is when along with it was consumed a huge amount of extra fat, including Carcinogenicity, salt and other not very useful substances.

American Roni Deluz created an effective detox program based on the plant food in liquid form within three weeks. In her opinion, eating this way, people will be able to lose weight and cleanse the body and rejuvenate from within, and generally improve their health.

The essence of the three-week detox

You can eat any vegetables, fruits, berries, greens, roots, but only in liquid form, that is, consisting of juices, fresh juices, soups. It is advisable to consume freshly squeezed juices prepared from the gifts of nature with green color.

It is very important that the meals alternated every two hours. Thus, dieters will be able to eliminate the feeling of hunger and to avoid failure with weight loss programs. Makes about 8-10 receptions a liquid plant food a day. At the same time, the person will not have to abandon the dinner and you can even drink a glass of juice or vegetable broth right before bedtime.

It is impossible to refuse water a day should drink at least one and a half liters. Also, do not be redundant decoctions of herbs, which will act as a complementary means to cleanse the blood vessels, blood, digestive system and all internal organs.

The author of this detox technique Roni Deluz claims that people who survive exactly three weeks, not just lose weight by 10 kg and even more, but will completely cleanse your body of toxins, waste and other “waste” than improve yourself from the inside out. Moreover, after 21 days the eating habits will change dramatically, and this is the best way to influence the shape and health in the future.

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