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A thousand American military personnel sent to Kuwait

Тысячу американских военных отправят в КувейтThe military can deploy to fight ISIS.

The White house plans to send to Kuwait for a thousand us military. As reported on Thursday, the Agency Reuters citing sources close to the presidential administration of the USA of Donald trump, the forces are considered as reserve in the fight against terrorists LIH.

“The trump is considering placing before the thousands of American soldiers in Kuwait as a standby force to fight the Islamic state, amid increasing offensive with US support in Syria and Iraq,” the Agency said. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

As explained by American officials, the initiators of this idea insist that these forces will provide the us command, which works in place, greater mobility and the ability to respond quickly to emergency calls. “Providing opportunities”, – quotes Reuters the words of the American source.

The proposed deployment of additional military contingent in Kuwait functions and tasks will differ from those of American troops that are already present in the country. In addition, according to the Agency, if the transfer of the American military in Kuwait will take place – it will be noticeably different from the practice of action adopted at the ex – US President Barack Obama, when American commanders on the ground could not give the final orders on the use of troops in Syria or Iraq.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon has refused to comment on the possible deployment of troops in Kuwait.

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