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“A thick, yet flexible!”: Tess Holliday responded bodyshapers and showed candid photos

Tess Holliday

33-year-old Tess Holliday, who is considered the most complete model in the world (its weight is 155 kilograms with growth of 165 centimeters), again struck by network users explicit pictures. 20 Jul successful plus-size model has published in Instagram a black-and-white picture in which she poses in the bathtub with his son Bowie. It is clear that bathes Tess Nude (private parts, however, Halliday deftly covered the small picture bath foam).

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That feeling when you all day in meetings and come home at night and decide to take a nice relaxing bath before the chaos begins… But then your child sees that you enter into the bathroom and cries until you let him swim along with you. All anything, but I have a tattoo on the foot, which can not be wetted. Even though I’m fat, but even some flexible! It’s not a glamorous photo, but I don’t care. I’m proud of my body and what it’s capable of. Motherhood and life itself is a funny thing!

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— wrote the star.

Fans thanked Tess for your honesty and wrote in her review of hundreds of compliments. However, of course, not all Internet users were willing to see such intimate scenes — there were those who shot condemned.

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