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A terrible surprise was waiting for Bella Thorne in the bathroom (VIDEO)

Love to spy on celebrities in the bath or shower? Do not hesitate, all or almost all love – this discovery was made even Alfred Hitchcock when he filmed the novel “Psycho.” Since then, the frightening scene in the shower had become utterly worn cliché, but… people still love them. Here and in the film “Remnant: still see you” (I Still See You) starlet Bella Thorne is faced with a Ghost voyeur, which is actually not a voyeur, and just wants something to warn the girl.

This scene from the movie can be viewed below, but for now recall the synopsis:

Paranormal cataclysm has destroyed the barrier between our world and others belonging to the so-called “remnants” — the ghosts of dead people. After 9 years of peaceful coexistence a high school student Veronica starts to chase one of the residues, which, as it turns out, when life was a killer.

The more interesting this project?

The Directors here – Scott Speer,who worked on the series “Bait” for Blumhouse. “Remnant” is based on the novel by Daniel waters. As usual, the author works primarily on the youth audience, today it is the young adult series in the first place and carry on the big screens. The novel “Break My Heart 1,000 Times” was published in 2012 in Russian and is still not translated.

In addition to Thorne the film also starred Dermot Mulroney (“Insidious: Chapter 3”), Louis Hertum (“Westworld”), Richard Harmon (“Scarecrow”), Hugh Dillon (“twin Peaks”), Shaun Benson (“Null channel”) and others.

If you believe the localized poster, the Russian premiere will take place on October 11, 2018.

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