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A terrible murder in the United States: arrested Russian teen

Жуткое убийство в США: арестован российский подростокRussian teenager killed his adoptive parents-Americans.

Tuesday morning, November 29, police in Crowley, Texas, received a call from anonymous. It is reported that 17-year-old local resident Karl Edward brewer smoked marijuana and confessed to the death of their parents. Police who arrived at the building to check that nothing suspicious was found. But in the evening they came back and smelled the odor from the house.

In the house police found the body of 60-year-old Troy and Gina brewer shoot that you pulled 64-year-old Mary Sheldon brewer, parents of a teenager. The corpse of a man, who worked as a pilot for American Airlines, found in the bedroom, and the woman’s body was Packed in a garbage bag, which was in the next room.

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– When we finished looking at the room, we heard footsteps coming from the second floor above us, said police Lieutenant Robert gray. – I ordered everyone to leave the house and called the SWAT team.

Police about an hour to persuade the guy to leave the house. But in the end they had to use tear gas and to take the building by storm. At the time of surgery, the local residents were evacuated.

17-year-old Charles announced the charges on two counts, including murder. Now he is in prison with the right to bail in 200 thousand dollars.

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The family of Bruera adopted Karl and his older brothers from Russia in childhood. Problem with Carl’s parents began long ago. He and his brother got kicked out of Christian school for misconduct. Currently older brothers Karl I live abroad.

Only in the last few years the police 16 times was summoned to the house of Bruera in connection with various incidents, including robberies and a family quarrel.

While police do not know the motives which prompted the 17-year-old boy to kill his foster parents. Also not reported, how they were killed.

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