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A terrible accident in Kiev: new details

Страшное ДТП в Киеве: новые подробностиThe network are asking for help for the victims.

The network are asking for help for the victims of the terrible accident that happened in Kiev on February 11.

This is stated on the page in Facebook Dmitry Bogachkova.

“The message of the wife of the brother of the deceased. Write verbatim. Please help repost with money, who does what he can. 4731217112599053 (Private) Eugene Hauler. Dima, if someone can help, though the hryvnia, we will be very grateful. Money is necessary very much, the girls were talking a lot, and still do not know if they’ll survive,” – said in the message. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Moreover, if earlier it was said that one of the girls died in the hospital, but now has information that the child survived.

“She (the youngest 3 years with cerebral palsy) came out of the coma, but under heavy anesthesia. It was collected piece by piece. Multiple fractures, lost an eye, a lacerated spleen and pancreas. This is not a complete list. Dasha fracture of the skull base. 3 times (that I know) had a cardiac arrest. Doctors don’t know what to do. Will meet tomorrow the Professor will think,” – said Bogachkov.

“Anastasia is still alive. Don’t believe what they say”, – he stressed.

“These are my neighbors, my children played with dochkoy and Sasha in the yard, but – angel who always rejoices when you start to talk to her….Their mother Tania was a very bright man,” – said Elena Koida.

Bogachkov also stressed that there is a video that confirms that the driver (was driving dad. – Ed.) innocent. But, he added, passengers were unfastened.

“It was not fastened. Nastya has cerebral palsy, she rode lying down and the head held in his mother’s lap,” – said Bogachkov.

“There are no other children… Even the family has an older daughter, 12 years old, stayed at home and none of her relatives don’t even know how to tell her and lying to her just yet. And the younger daughter’s cerebral palsy, and if she survives (hopefully), his mother’s death is a heavy blow,” he wrote.

Страшное ДТП в Киеве: новые подробности

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