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A tax on the poor

Налог на бедность

The tax on the unemployed who managed to find a way to occupy themselves and somehow make ends meet without asking for help from the state, next year could be extended to the whole of Russia. Prior to that, he was introduced as an experiment in four pilot regions: Moscow, Moscow region and the Kaluga region and Tatarstan Republic.

From 1 January 2020 will add a further 19 territories, and from July 1 will spread everywhere.

According to officials, as self-employed in the pilot regions have registered more than 250 thousand people, but… on the website on different figures.

Information hidden behind convoluted wording “Statistics presented by physical persons to tax authorities notification on the implementation of activities on rendering services to individuals for personal, home and (or) other similar needs”. And on 1 July of this year (no more recent data) about any 250 Grand out of the question. Checked 3914 people. No more, no less. That is, in their eulogies officials 64 times embellished statistics on. And on this basis make a decision to “expand and deepen”.

To understand level of cynicism, we need to understand who are self-employed in my life, not on paper. It’s plumbers, electricians and computer technicians operating in private; it’s mothers of preschoolers, sitting in the decree and sold via “Instagram” cakes, cakes and jewelry, made by hand; it Tutors and pensioners forced to work as a nanny.

In General, self-employment is not the way in the Forbes list, and the form of the fight against unemployment and poverty. Self-employed in the majority is the poor people who found a way not to ask the state.

In any developed country in the world a minimum income up to which people do not pay taxes. We have the same, forgiving billions in debt to African States, investing in questionable projects, handing out free weapons to countries with questionable political regimes and subsidizing failing banks, the government is trying to strip off the last skin of people who are just trying to survive on their own.

They say that even a thief does not take last one. But it’s old expression. Fresher: “People is the new gold!” Even if it is just poor people being forced to register in order not to fall while sales of self-baked gingerbread or the lesson to lagging student. After all, it will face draconian penalties.

To implement this tax on the poor will, it seems, at any price. Even despite the drawn statistics, talking about the “success of the experiment”.

Oleksiy Filatov, the President of the Union of Officers of the “alpha”

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