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A surveillance camera filmed the unsuccessful robbery attempt. Video

Камера наблюдения сняла самую неудачную попытку ограбления. Видео The man rammed the car of the attackers.

Criminals, it seems, everything is provided: tracked the victim, drove into the trap and blocked the exit. But the driver of the Mercedes was braver than they thought.

The video, posted on Facebook, unfortunately, doesn’t have any comment. Judging by the date on the camera, the incident occurred on July 16 this year, but where is unknown. In the video you can see how the territory of the closed Parking enters crossover Mercedes-Benz GLA. Followed by a white Audi, which rises in the driveway, blocking the exit.

From Audi run out two armed criminals and aiming at the driver of the Mercedes, demand that he got out of the car. The victim, however, decided not to give up: the Mercedes driver locked the doors, turned back, turned around and rammed standing in the driveway Audi, withdrew from the event.

The mistake of the criminals, obviously, was that they parked his car along the passage, not across, and Mercedes was able to squeeze to the right. If Audi were in, the chance to leave the Parking lot the victim would be less. Let’s hope the criminals get caught, and Refine their predatory skills they will not have to.

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