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A student from Louisiana was locked in a cave for 3 days

19-year-old Lucas Kawar , along with other students of Indiana University participated in tours of local cave complex, but strayed from the group, and when found out, he was trapped. Friends did not notice his absence, and left. In the end, the guy stayed in the cave 58 hours without food and water.

As told then Lucas, on the phone had no signal so he couldn’t use it to call for help. He tried to scream and to serve lights out. After searching the cave, the student found a paper clip and a few hours spent on trying to open the lock. All to no avail.

At some point, exhausted and desperate, Lucas wrote on my phone a few letters for their loved ones. In case all will end tragically.

I wanted to see them again, so I decided that I need to survive until they find me. After all, they were bound to stumble on me, right?

The guy was licking moisture from the walls and gained the urine in the remaining empty bottle, then to drink. To dull the hunger, he licked the wrappers from the bars or catching crickets and eating.

The next day, the battery of the phone is dead, and Lucas was left in the dark. He soon began to talk to himself.

The concern, of course, was scored by the parents. Found a guy on the third day, exhausted, hungry, but alive. Finally leaving the cave, he gathered a whole package left a garbage. The organizers of the tour brought him to apologize, but the dude said I don’t blame them for what happened.

That’s the story. Not “127 hours”, of course, but also not weak.

Thanks for the tip Pavel Afanasenko.

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